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Updated 21/03/19

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*More session dates to follow*



gwithian - Primary spot


perranporth - Safari Spot



“Set Surfing Targets and Goals to achieve”

“2019/20 winter surf trip to be announced”

Portugal? / Spain? / morocco?

*Short clip of Tim catching a small one in Portugal*

Club Progress February 2019

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Guys heres something we found fairly interesting - full series £13.66

heres some extra homework we are not recommending you buy the series below yet we are not not recommending this either there is some pretty interesting bits to see and study so you decide, everything is covered in the club sessions and these videos are By 110% Surfing Techniques not us. have fun.

Once purchased you can download the whole video to keep at home or come back & watch each stage one by one here.


Reading Waves Part 2

Take Off - Pop Up

High Line

Reading Waves Part 1

Reading Waves Part 3

Catching More Waves - Paddling Technique

Catch More Waves - Mobile

Backhand Part 1

Forehand Part 1 - Bottom Turn Drive

Backhand Part 2

Forehand Part 2 - Bog Rail Prevention

Forehand Part 2.1 - Wrap n Hack

Take Off - Pop Up Goofy Version

Backhand Part 2 - Carve n Combos Goofy Foot

Forehand Part 2 - Bograil Goofy Foot

New 4.14 Surfing Over Reef & How to Wipeout

Backhand Part 1 - Goofy Foot

Forehand part 1 Bottom Turn Drive - Goofy Foot

Forehand Part 3 - Wrap n Hack Goofy Version