Meet the team










Finding our roots


We are a family run surf school that is both vibrant and contemporary. Eskinzo was officially established at the start of 2018 with one idea in mind: which is to continue teaching quality surf instruction as we have been doing for many years, for the many surf schools & activities companies spread across Cornwall.

We are constantly working to develop new lesson ideas and options to make our activities more accessible for everyone.

With over a decades worth of experience starting as board caddies and wetsuit washers we've spent a huge amount of time working in the water having acquired our qualifications and until recently, held head instructor positions within the UK.

"new beginnings"

So after a few years of exploring the idea that maybe we should start up on our own, we finally decided last winter "its now or never" the time to take the big leap had come.


Meet the team


Ben originally grew up in Cornwall and started surfing back in the late 90's with his dad. He has over 10 years of international lifeguarding & surf coaching experience along with three years prior experience working at an outdoors activities company so should you happen to find yourself in a lesson with ben then your in great hands - ( Elena )



Elena, haha. Hmm, what to say? Elena is probably the craziest of the bunch and definitely has the funnest lesson warm ups on the beach ( lookout! mum's & dad's! ) originally from Sevilla i met Elena when we were working together at another school over three years ago. "Fact" Elena can literally put a smile on the grumpiest persons face she's also a very good SUP & Surf instructor with over 4 years teaching experience and 5 years personal surfing and surf travel experience - ( Ben )



Irene or "Iri" for short, our "not so little sister" Iri's main passion is design & textiles, not quite what you thought was going to be written here but hey, she's pretty damn good! "eskinzo merchandise here we come!" Based primary in Sevilla, Spain. Iri is also one of four co founders of the eskinzo surf camp project Andalucía. Iri has a kind and hilarious character but is  also a sharp heavy hitter behind the scenes making Iri the perfect self proclaimed project manager for our on going andalusian dream - ( Ben & Elena )


Heff the dog

Heff is our big black Labrador and the love of our lives, he is the happiest, funniest, friendliest, greediest, naughtiest not so little disobedient pup out there! on the coolest & quietest of days you might see him out and about losing the never ending battle of sneaking up on the really not so unsuspecting seagull, you might even see him paddle boarding down the gannel with us, well biting the water over the edge as he thinks his reflection is a Merdog! the one thing you'll never see is Heff actually doing what he's been told! A bit like "Fenton the Labrador" (Youtube sensation) - ( The Family )


Partners & Friends