If you can't see a date or time your looking for please give us a quick call we may have a lesson running that isn't advertised online.


Please Read

Before you proceed, our Stand up Paddle Boarding lessons are booked in a slightly unusual way we only run one SUP activity/lesson a day and always at high tide as this is the safest and most picturesque time to paddle board. The only issue with this is that although we want to give our clients the best experiences we are unable to offer regular start and finish times which can be a little bizarre. So, the way we work around this  is we take bookings as normal on our booking system to show your interest, receive medical history, payment and confirmation we will then send you a separate email the same day confirming your actual lesson arrival time. The start time for your lesson could be anywhere between 8:50am and 5:30pm please allow for up to 3 hours with us even if your only booking a 1 1/2 hour lesson this is so we can move location if needed, allocate equipment deliver relative safety briefs etc. Bookings at the start of July will be early morning lessons moving on to mid day during the middle part of the month and then sunset sessions towards the end. 

Please note all sup activities on our booking system are advertised at 12:00 as standard this will change.

If you think you might be on a tight schedule please don't hesitate to give us a call before booking,

we will be happy to help arrange the time slot best suited to you.