Surf coaching level break down

what level of surf coaching do you need?


Level 1 Surf Coaching



Basic Water Safety

Surf Etiquette

Basic Paddling

Catching Broken Waves

Knowing Methods of Standing


Passing the Impact Zone

Standing on Small Waves

Confident in Small Surf

Reading the Waves

Punching Through 

Turtle Rolls

Basic White Water Turning


Reading & Catching Waves

Catching Unbroken Waves

Perfecting Positioning

Balance Improvement

Angle Take off's

Intro to Trimming

Rip Reading

Level 2 Surf Coaching


Intermediate Surfing

Paddling Out Back

Sitting on Peak

Riding Unbroken Waves

Setting your Line

Backhand & Forehand Surfing


 Intermediate Surf Progression

Generating Speed, Power & Flow

Controlled Bottom Turn

Stance & Balance

Advanced Equipment 



Intermediate Manoeuvres

Understanding Manoeuvre Decision Making

How to do Top Turns

How to do Floaters

How to do Cut Backs    

Level 3 Surf Coaching

"Crikey" if your at this level we'll give you a job! 

Please contact us for more information about advanced surf coaching.