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by answering the following 13 multiple choice & 2 optional written questions - Estimated 4-5 mins max

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Name - Optional
Sunset Sessions Survey *
Sunset Sessions Survey
I receive a fair amount of one to one coaching (?)
Sessions are fun (?)
Lessons are challenging enough for me (?)
Eskinzo Surf Club is good value for money (?)
I would recommend Eskinzo to my friends & family (?)
Surf days & times
Help us to make the surf club more accessible.
What start times suit you best?
What was your reason/s for joining our surf club *
Would you be interested in social events such as barbecues, outdoor cinema screenings on the quay, beach cleanings...? *
Would you join occasional session excursions up the coast to beaches such as Perranporth, Holywell Bay and Crantock? *
For The experience of trying different kinds of waves not offered at Gwithian.
Would you be interested on future surf trips abroad with us? *
Would you be interested in Paddleboarding fitness endurance/ excursions for when the waves are flat?

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