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Limited Spaces - Pre Bookings only.

Sessions @ Gwithian Beach - Prices From £10.00

Mon   -  Gents Club - Begin/Inter      

Tues   -  Juniors Club - Intermediate   

Wed   -  Ladies Club - Begin/Inter     

Thur   -  Gents  Club - Begin/Inter      

Or Call 07597968500

Parking Costs £2.60


Surfing Changed Our Lives


We love the ocean - and being able to introduce & share quality surf and SUP experiences with those wishing to get into the sea has always been a great privilege. We have all worked within the Cornish and International Surf Coaching/Surf Camp industry for the past ten years. During this time, we've been fortunate enough to work in some of the most beautiful surf locations on earth, meeting and teaching an abundance of fantastic characters along the way.


Beginner? Intermediate? You don’t have to be an experienced surfer to join in the fun. Our goal is very simple, deliver the best surf tuition in a fun and safe environment. We want you to get the most out of you lessons which is why we only run low ratio groups. This allows us to spend more quality teaching time with each of our clients and dramatically increases overall results.

Whether your a total beginner or someone with experience looking to improve and progress further, one of our highly Qualified International ISA  Surfing Instructors and fully Qualified RNLI Beach Lifeguards will be on hand to help you to achieve all of your surfing goals. See More Below.


Why surf with us?


Beginners & Intermediates

Surf the best spots Cornwall has to offer for beginners & intermediates. Summer time Surfing conditions usually consist of lighter winds, & slightly smaller waves great for learners! 


Smaller Group Experience

Learn to surf in the right sized group Many surf schools accommodate 30+ students. We welcome on average between 2-10 people per lesson to create a unique small group atmosphere.


Get Surfing Better, Faster

Learn to surf and improve faster than you could ever imagine. Quality surf coaching, photo & video analysis along with personally tailored surf theory will get you surfing right away, Even if you have never tried before.

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The Cornish Surf Trip

In addition to providing high quality surf classes for beginners & intermediates, we will be offering an optional photo package to most lessons so that you can take away your memories made with us.

Personalized Surf Coaching for your Level


Level 1:

Beginner Surf Coaching

Never tried surfing before? Or maybe you've had a couple of go's here and there? If you still need to learn or master the basic techniques, this surf coaching level is for you.

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Level 2:

Intermediate Surf Coaching

Have you been surfing for weeks, months or years? If your starting to paddle outback and catch green waves by yourself. This surf coaching will take you to the next level.



Basic Water Safety

Surf Etiquette

Basic Paddling

Catching Broken Waves

Knowing Methods of Standing


Passing the Impact Zone

Standing on Small Waves

Confident in Small Surf

Reading the Waves

Punching Through 

Turtle Rolls

Basic White Water Turning


Reading & Catching Waves

Catching Unbroken Waves

Perfecting Positioning

Balance Improvement

Angle Take off's

Intro to Trimming

Rip Reading


Intermediate Surfing

Paddling Out Back

Sitting on Peak

Riding Unbroken Waves

Setting your Line

Backhand & Forehand Surfing


 Intermediate Surf Progression

Generating Speed, Power & Flow

Controlled Bottom Turn

Stance & Balance

Advanced Equipment 



Intermediate Manoeuvres

Understanding Manoeuvre Decision Making

How to do Top Turns

How to do Floaters

How to do Cut Backs    





Hatha Paddle Boards




As you may know we are a new business but we have a lot of history teaching in Cornwall over the past ten years heres a few Trip adviser Reviews about us.

Please note these reviews about us are taken from our previous work place therefore Business names and info might have been removed.

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Screen Shot 2018-05-27 at 11.12.02.png
Screen Shot 2018-05-27 at 11.14.05.png
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